European Project Successfully Completed

The European FP7 FET-PROACTIVE project EPiCS (Engineering Proprioception in Computing Systems), which I was working on the last four years, has been successfully completed with the final review on October 14th. After receiving excellent ratings in the last three years, we are eagerly awaiting our fourth year rating.
In collaboration with the University of Paderborn (coordinator), University of Birmingham, Imperial College, University of Oslo, ETH Zurich, Airbus and AIT we worked towards novel approaches in self-awareness and self-expression.

For a node to be Self-aware requires it to monitor its internal state and process this information locally. Additionally, each node in a larger system has to have knowledge about its immediate environment to determine how it is perceived by other parts of the system. Optionally it possesses knowledge about its role and the corresponding importance of this role; likely effects of potential future actions / decisions; and historical knowledge previous actions and events.
Self-expression on the other hand is based on the nodes self-awareness and allows it to assert its behaviour upon itself or other nodes. (Peter Lewis et al. A Survey of Self-Awareness and Its Application in Computing Systems. SASO 2011)