Paper accepted @ ATVA 2017

Our paper on the resilient coordination of (artificial) birds to fly in a V-formation has been accepted for presentation at the Fifteenth International Symposium on Automated Technology for Verification and Analysis. The paper is entitled Attacking the V: On the Resiliency of Adaptive-Horizon MPC and has been written jointly by Ashish Tiwari (SRI), Scott A. Smolka (SUNY Stony Brook), Lukas Esterle, Anna Lukina (TU Wien), Junxing Yang (SUNY Stony Brook) and Radu Grosu (TU WIEN).

ICDSC 2017 Paper accepted

Our paper entitled “Online Multi-object k-coverage with Mobile Smart Cameras” has been accepted for presentation at the International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras. The paper discusses mobile smart cameras and how to coordinated them in a distributed fashion in order to ensure objects to be covered by at least cameras at the same time. This extends the well known Cooperative Multi-Robot Observation of Multiple Moving Targets problem (CMOMMT). The paper has been written in cooperation with Peter Lewis.